Enhance Your TV Sound with RIOWOIS 31-in Bluetooth Soundbar

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Sound quality plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall TV viewing experience. With the RIOWOIS 31-in Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speakers, you can expect a sleek and modern design paired with solid build quality for long-lasting durability. The detachable surround sound system adds to its versatility, allowing you to enjoy immersive audio in any space.

Key Takeaways

  • The RIOWOIS Sound Bars for Smart TV is a sleek and modern soundbar with a compact size and elegant black finish.
  • The soundbar delivers a remarkable audio experience with its four high-sensitivity woofers and dual 2-inch tweeters, providing deep bass and a surround sound effect.
  • The RIOWOIS Sound Bars offers various connectivity options, including Bluetooth 5.0 and HDMI-ARC, making it easy to pair with streaming devices and home theater devices.

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RIOWOIS Sound Bars for Smart TV

RIOWOIS Sound Bars for Smart TV, 31-in Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speakers with HDMI-ARC, Optical AUX Connection, Crisp Sound and Easy Setup, Detachable Surround Sound System for TV, PC, Projector.


Enhancing the sound quality of your TV can significantly improve your overall viewing experience. Whether you’re watching your favorite movies, TV shows, or playing video games, having a sound system that delivers crisp and immersive audio can make a world of difference. One product that aims to elevate your audio experience is the RIOWOIS Sound Bars for Smart TV.

The RIOWOIS Sound Bars is a 31-inch Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speaker that offers a range of features to enhance your audio enjoyment. With its sleek design, multiple connectivity options, and detachable surround sound system, this soundbar is worth considering for anyone seeking an upgrade in their TV’s audio capabilities. Let’s dive deeper into what this product has to offer.

Design and Build Quality

The RIOWOIS Sound Bars features a sleek and modern design that will complement any TV setup. Its compact size and elegant black finish make it a visually appealing addition to your entertainment area. The soundbar is also built to withstand regular use, thanks to its solid build quality. You can trust that this soundbar will provide long-lasting performance.

One standout feature of the RIOWOIS Sound Bars is its detachable surround sound system. This unique design allows for easy installation and portability. Whether you want to mount it on the wall or place it on a table, the choice is yours. Additionally, the soundbar can be easily packed in a box, making it ideal for outdoor parties, RV travel, or moving to another location.

Sound Performance

When it comes to sound performance, the RIOWOIS Sound Bars does not disappoint. Equipped with four high-sensitivity woofers and dual 2-inch tweeters, this soundbar delivers a remarkable audio experience. The powerful woofers ensure deep bass, while the tweeters expand the soundstage, creating a surround sound effect that immerses you in the audio from all directions.

Users have praised the soundbar’s ability to produce crisp and immersive sound. The clarity of dialogues and the richness of audio make every viewing session more enjoyable. While it may not compete with high-end audio systems, it offers a significant improvement over built-in TV speakers.

Connectivity Options

The RIOWOIS Sound Bars provides various connectivity options to suit your needs. It supports Bluetooth 5.0, allowing easy and quick pairing with streaming media devices like TVs, mobile phones, and tablets. Additionally, it features HDMI-ARC, Optical, and AUX inputs, giving you flexibility when connecting with a variety of home theater devices such as TVs, laptops, desktop computers, and projectors.

Setting up the soundbar is a breeze, and it seamlessly pairs with smart TVs, PCs, and projectors. The inclusion of HDMI-ARC ensures a hassle-free connection, provided your TV supports it. Users have shared positive feedback about the ease of setup and the seamless pairing experience.

Additional Features

One notable feature of the RIOWOIS Sound Bars is its Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can easily stream your favorite music or audio content wirelessly from your devices. This feature adds convenience and versatility to your soundbar experience.

The soundbar also comes with a remote control, allowing you to control the device with ease. The remote offers three EQ modes (Movie, Music, New), enabling you to customize the audio according to your preferences. Moreover, the remote control helps you quickly disconnect the current Bluetooth device, ensuring seamless switching between audio sources.

If you’re looking to save space, the RIOWOIS Sound Bars offers a wall-mounting option. This feature allows you to mount the soundbar on the wall, freeing up valuable table or entertainment unit space. It’s a convenient solution for those who prefer a cleaner and more organized setup.

Pros and Cons

Like any product, the RIOWOIS Sound Bars has its pros and cons. On the positive side, its sleek design and solid build quality make it a visually appealing and durable option. The sound performance, with its impressive bass and clear dialogues, offers a significant improvement over built-in TV speakers.

However, some users have mentioned limited sound customization options as a potential downside. While the soundbar provides three EQ modes, it may not offer the same level of sound customization as higher-end models.

When compared to other soundbars on the market, the RIOWOIS Sound Bars holds its own with its competitive feature set and value for money.


The RIOWOIS Sound Bars for Smart TV is a worthy contender for those seeking an enhanced audio experience. With its sleek design, detachable surround sound system, and multiple connectivity options, it ticks many boxes for a modern soundbar.

While it may not reach the same level as higher-end audio systems, it offers a significant improvement over built-in TV speakers. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking to elevate their TV viewing experience without breaking the bank.

So, if you’re ready to enhance your audio enjoyment and immerse yourself in a richer soundstage, the RIOWOIS Sound Bars for Smart TV is definitely worth considering.

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Q: Why is sound quality important for enhancing the TV viewing experience?

High-quality sound enhances the overall immersive experience of watching TV shows, movies, and gaming. It brings out details in dialogue, provides realistic sound effects, and adds depth to the viewing experience.

Q: What are the advantages of the RIOWOIS 31-in Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speakers?

The RIOWOIS soundbar offers a sleek and modern design, solid build quality, and a detachable surround sound system for an enhanced audio experience. It delivers crisp and immersive sound with powerful bass and clear dialogues. It also provides various connectivity options for easy setup and seamless pairing with smart TVs, PCs, and projectors. Additionally, it features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming, includes a convenient remote control, and offers the option to wall-mount for space-saving setups.

Q: How does the RIOWOIS soundbar compare to other soundbars in terms of sound quality?

The RIOWOIS soundbar excels in delivering crisp and immersive sound output. Its powerful bass and clear dialogues stand out when compared to other soundbars in the market. Users have praised its superior sound quality and immersive experience.

Q: What connectivity options are available with the RIOWOIS soundbar?

The RIOWOIS soundbar offers HDMI-ARC, Optical, and AUX connections for versatile connectivity options. It is easy to set up and seamlessly pairs with smart TVs, PCs, and projectors. Users have found it convenient to connect their devices and enjoy high-quality sound without any hassle.

Q: What are the pros and cons of the RIOWOIS soundbar?

The RIOWOIS soundbar stands out with its sleek design, powerful sound, and convenient features like Bluetooth connectivity, remote control, and wall-mounting option. However, it may have limited sound customization options. When compared to other soundbars, it offers great value for the price and provides a high-quality audio experience.

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