OKP Robot Vacuum: WiFi, Mapping, Quiet Operation for All Floors

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The OKP Robot Vacuum is an innovative cleaning companion equipped with advanced features to make cleaning easy. Its real-time mapping capabilities ensure thorough cleaning and avoid obstacles, while its compatibility with WiFi, smartphone apps, and voice commands allow for convenient control and scheduling. With automatic charging and versatile cleaning abilities, it is a valuable investment that revolutionizes cleaning routines.

Key Takeaways

  • The OKP Robot Vacuum utilizes advanced technology to map and navigate your home in real-time, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning.
  • The vacuum is compatible with WiFi, a user-friendly app, and virtual assistants such as Alexa, allowing for convenient and easy control of the cleaning process.
  • The OKP Robot Vacuum automatically returns to its dock to recharge when needed and operates quietly, making it a hassle-free and non-disruptive cleaning solution.

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OKP Robot Vacuum

OKP Robot Vacuum, WiFi/App/Alexa, Automatic Charging, Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Real Time Mapping of Paths, Quiet Operation, Suitable for Hard Floors, Pet Hair, and Carpets, K2-Pro

OKP Robot Vacuum: The Future of Cleaning


Are you tired of spending hours vacuuming your floors? Look no further than the OKP Robot Vacuum. This state-of-the-art cleaning device combines advanced technology with convenience to make your life easier. In this in-depth review, we’ll explore the key features of the OKP Robot Vacuum and why it’s a must-have for any home.

Real-time Mapping of Paths

Gone are the days of random cleaning patterns. The OKP Robot Vacuum utilizes cutting-edge technology to map and navigate your home in real-time. This means that it can efficiently clean every nook and cranny, while avoiding obstacles along the way. Say goodbye to missed spots and hello to a consistently clean home.

WiFi/App/Alexa Compatibility

Controlling your robot vacuum has never been easier. With WiFi connectivity and a user-friendly app, you can easily start, stop, or adjust the cleaning mode without lifting a finger. Forgot to turn on the vacuum before leaving the house? Not a problem. Simply open the app and start cleaning from anywhere. And for those who prefer voice commands, the OKP Robot Vacuum is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Just sit back and let your virtual assistant do the work.

Automatic Charging and Quiet Operation

One of the biggest hassles with robot vacuums is remembering to charge them. Luckily, the OKP Robot Vacuum takes care of that for you. It automatically returns to its dock to recharge when needed, so you never have to worry about a dead battery. Plus, its quiet operation ensures that you can go about your daily activities without any disturbances. With noise levels below 58 decibels, you can work, rest, or read in peace while the OKP Robot Vacuum takes care of the cleaning.

Suitable for Hard Floors, Pet Hair, and Carpets

Whether you have hardwood floors, carpets, or pets that shed, the OKP Robot Vacuum has got you covered. Its powerful suction of 2500PA effectively absorbs dust, hair, pet fur, and other debris from all types of surfaces. Say goodbye to pet hair tumbleweeds and hello to a spotless home. And with a large 500ml dustbin, you won’t have to empty it frequently, saving you time and effort.


The OKP Robot Vacuum truly revolutionizes the way we clean our homes. Its real-time mapping, WiFi/App/Alexa compatibility, automatic charging, and powerful suction make it a top contender in the robot vacuum market. With the OKP Robot Vacuum, you can reclaim your time and enjoy a cleaner home without lifting a finger.

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Q: How does the OKP Robot Vacuum navigate your home?

The OKP Robot Vacuum uses advanced technology to map your home in real-time. It can intelligently navigate through your space, efficiently cleaning and avoiding obstacles along the way.

Q: What are the benefits of real-time mapping?

Real-time mapping allows the OKP Robot Vacuum to provide efficient cleaning by creating an optimal cleaning path. It also helps the vacuum avoid obstacles, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

Q: Can I control the OKP Robot Vacuum remotely?

Yes, you can control the OKP Robot Vacuum remotely through a smartphone app or voice commands using Alexa. This convenience allows you to schedule cleaning sessions, monitor progress, and access various functions from anywhere.

Q: Does the OKP Robot Vacuum automatically recharge?

Absolutely! The OKP Robot Vacuum is equipped with automatic charging capabilities. It will return to its dock to recharge when needed, saving you the hassle of manually charging the device.

Q: How does the OKP Robot Vacuum perform on different surfaces?

The OKP Robot Vacuum is designed to effectively clean hard floors, carpets, and even handle pet hair with ease. It provides exceptional performance across various floor types, making it a versatile cleaning solution.

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