Protect Your Patio Chairs with [monsoon] Waterproof Covers – 2-Pack

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This article focuses on the [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover Waterproof Outdoor Lawn Patio Furniture Chair Cover (36\\”) – 2-Pack, discussing its key features, pros and cons, and customer reviews. Patio chair covers are essential for protecting outdoor furniture from the elements. The [monsoon] cover stands out with its waterproof material, durability, universal fit, easy installation, and protection against UV rays. Potential buyers looking for a reliable and long-lasting waterproof patio chair cover should consider the [monsoon] option.

Key Takeaways

  • The [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover is a waterproof and durable solution for safeguarding patio chairs.
  • Patio chair covers provide a protective barrier against the elements, helping to extend the lifespan of outdoor furniture.
  • The [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover has key features such as waterproof material, durability, and a universal fit.

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[monsoon] Patio Chair Cover Waterproof Outdoor Lawn Patio Furniture Chair Cover (36") – 2-Pack

Overview of [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover

Protecting your outdoor furniture is essential for maintaining its longevity and appearance. The [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover is a waterproof and durable solution for safeguarding your patio chairs. With its eco-friendly polyurethane blend, high-density stitching, and padded handles, this cover offers both functionality and style. The [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover comes in a 2-pack and is designed to fit most patio chairs with measurements of 36″W x 37″D x 36″H.

Importance of Patio Chair Covers

When it comes to outdoor furniture, exposure to the elements can cause significant damage over time. Rain, moisture, and UV rays can lead to fading, mold growth, and deterioration of materials. Patio chair covers provide a protective barrier against these elements, helping to extend the lifespan of your furniture and keep it looking pristine.

Key Features

Waterproof Material

One of the standout features of the [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover is its waterproof material. Made from an eco-friendly Oxford 600D polyurethane fabric, this cover boasts a water-repellent top with a protective water-resistant laminated undercoating. This means that rainwater will simply roll off the surface, keeping your patio chairs dry and free from moisture-related damage.

Durability and Longevity

The [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover is built to last. With its high-density stitching and durable materials, it offers exceptional durability and longevity. Unlike other chair covers that may not withstand harsh weather conditions, the [monsoon] cover is designed to provide reliable protection year after year.

Universal Fit

Finding the right size cover for your patio chairs can be a challenge. However, the [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover takes the guesswork out of the equation with its universal fit. The 36″ size is suitable for a wide range of patio chairs, providing versatility and ensuring a snug and secure fit. Say goodbye to covers that are too big or too small!

Easy Installation and Removal

No one wants to struggle with putting on or taking off a chair cover. The [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover makes the process a breeze with its easy installation and removal. Simply follow the step-by-step guide included with the cover, and you’ll have your patio chairs protected in no time. When it’s time to remove the cover, the process is just as simple, allowing for hassle-free maintenance of your outdoor furniture.

Protection Against UV Rays

UV rays can be particularly damaging to outdoor furniture, causing fading and discoloration. The [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover is equipped with UV-resistant properties to shield your chairs from the sun’s harmful rays. By using this cover, you can enjoy vibrant and beautiful patio chairs for years to come.

Pros and Cons


  • Terrific durability and quality
  • Waterproof and keeps cushions dry
  • Good-looking, lightweight, and flexible
  • Offers protection against UV rays
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Universal fit for various patio chairs


  • Some customers found the cover to be a bit thin

Customer Reviews

Let’s hear what customers have to say about the [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover:

“Terrific! Very durable. I expected these to be so-so. They are actually very nice quality and super durable! Would highly recommend.” – hgibbs

“Work great. Fit well stay in place.” – candy hammer

“Patio furniture cover. The cover fits and works great.” – Cheryl

“Keeping cushions dry. Works great.” – debbra maxberry

“Nice cover. Very nice cover that protects the outdoor furniture. A bit thin, but I do like it! Not sure how it will hold up at this point, but the price is right!” – Kenneth Stewart

“Good looking. Waterproof. Light weight but heavy enough to not blow away in high winds or crumble under our AZ hot sun.” – Terry

“Lightweight and flexible. The straps help to keep it in place. I have two areas of patio furniture, including a roof deck, which is where I use these. I live by the water and so get wind and breezes. I was looking for something that would last and not blow away. So far, so good. I got them to fit well and strap down, and with a few windy storms, they have stayed in place.” – Nick

“Legit. These were surprisingly great for the price.” – Justin Hepler


The [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover is a top-notch choice for anyone in need of a reliable and waterproof solution to protect their outdoor furniture. With its waterproof material, durability, universal fit, easy installation and removal, and UV protection, it ticks all the boxes for a high-quality chair cover. While some customers found the cover to be a bit thin, its overall performance and customer satisfaction make it a great investment. If you want your patio chairs to stay in excellent condition for years to come, the [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover is a smart choice.

Remember, when it comes to protecting your outdoor furniture, investing in a quality cover like the [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover is well worth it. Don’t settle for inferior options that may not offer the same level of protection and longevity. Choose the [monsoon] cover and enjoy the benefits of a well-protected and beautiful outdoor space.

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Q: Why is waterproofing important for patio chair covers?

Waterproofing is crucial for patio chair covers as it protects the chairs from rain and moisture, preventing damage and extending their lifespan. With a waterproof cover like the [monsoon] Patio Chair Cover, you can ensure that your outdoor furniture remains in pristine condition.

Q: What makes the [monsoon] chair cover more durable than other options?

The [monsoon] chair cover is made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Unlike other chair covers that may deteriorate or tear easily, this cover offers superior durability and longevity, ensuring long-lasting protection for your patio chairs.

Q: Is the 36″ size of the [monsoon] cover suitable for most patio chairs?

Absolutely! The 36″ size of the [monsoon] cover is universally compatible with various patio chairs. Unlike specific-sized covers that may have limited compatibility, this cover offers versatility and a perfect fit for most standard-sized chairs.

Q: How easy is it to install and remove the [monsoon] chair cover?

Installing and removing the [monsoon] chair cover is a breeze. It comes with a step-by-step guide that ensures a hassle-free experience. In comparison to other covers that can be challenging to handle, this cover offers convenient and effortless installation and removal.

Q: Does the [monsoon] cover provide protection against UV rays?

Yes, the [monsoon] chair cover is designed with UV-resistant properties, providing essential protection against harmful rays. By using this cover, you can prevent chair fading and damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Unlike covers lacking UV resistance, this one offers comprehensive protection for your patio chairs.

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