Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror: The Ultimate Smart Bathroom Mirror with Speaker

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The Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror is a sleek and functional addition to any bathroom, offering features such as LED lights, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and an anti-fog feature. Its touch control panel and versatile mounting options make it easy to use and customize. Customers have praised its convenience, although regular cleaning is necessary to maintain clarity. Overall, the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror is a valuable investment for those looking to upgrade their bathroom with modern technology.

Key Takeaways

  • The Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror has a contemporary and stylish design that adds a touch of elegance to any room.
  • It features LED lights that provide excellent illumination and are energy-efficient.
  • The mirror has built-in Bluetooth speaker connectivity, an independent anti-fog switch, and touch control panel with dimming function.

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Bonnlo 32

Bonnlo 32"×24" (800×600mm)Bluetooth Mirror,Led Bathroom Mirror Smart Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker, Anti-Fog Bathroom Led Mirror with Memory Touch, Dimmable Espejos Para Baños, Vertically/Horizontally


Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom with a touch of modern luxury? Look no further than the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of this smart mirror that will elevate your bathroom experience. With its sleek design and innovative functionalities, this mirror is sure to impress. So, let’s dive in and discover why the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror is a must-have for any bathroom.

Design and Build Quality

The Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror is crafted with a contemporary and stylish design that adds a touch of elegance to any room. With no visible screws or switches, it exudes a sense of luxury and glamour. The mirror measures 32″×24″ (800×600mm), making it the perfect size for various spaces in your home.

One standout feature of this mirror is its LED lights. Not only do they provide excellent illumination for your grooming needs, but they also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the mirror. The LED lights are energy-efficient, ensuring long-lasting use while saving you money on your utility bills.

Another impressive feature is the built-in Bluetooth speaker. With integrated speaker connectivity, you can easily play music directly from your phone while getting ready for the day. It’s the perfect way to set the mood, catch up on the latest news, or simply enjoy your favorite tunes.

Additionally, the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror boasts an independent anti-fog switch. Say goodbye to wiping down your mirror after a steamy shower. By turning on the anti-fog switch, the moisture-proof stripe eliminates fog, allowing you to have a clear mirror at all times. This feature adds convenience and saves you time in your daily routine.

The mirror is equipped with an ON/OFF touch button and a dimming function. The touch control panel makes it easy to turn the LED lights on or off and adjust the brightness to your liking. The mirror also offers a memory function, saving your preferred brightness for the next use.

Performance and Functionality

When it comes to performance and functionality, the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror exceeds expectations. Its seamless Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy pairing with your devices. You can effortlessly play your favorite playlists or podcasts directly from your phone while enjoying the mirror’s superior sound quality.

The memory touch feature is another highlight of this mirror. It remembers your desired brightness setting, making it convenient for multiple users. Whether you prefer a soft glow or bright illumination, the mirror can cater to your individual needs.

With the ability to dim the LED lights, you have full control over the ambiance of your space. Whether you want a bright, energizing light for your morning routine or a soft, relaxing glow for winding down in the evening, the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror delivers.

Furthermore, this mirror offers versatile installation options. You can choose to hang it vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference and the layout of your bathroom. The mirror comes with a UL listed plug, but it can also be hardwired to a switch on the wall if desired.

User Experience

The Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror has received rave reviews from satisfied customers, and it’s easy to see why. Users have praised its modern design, powerful Bluetooth speaker, and the convenience of the anti-fog feature. Reviewers have also appreciated the ease of use and the ability to customize the brightness according to their preferences.

One user mentioned that they were initially considering a medicine cabinet but were thrilled to discover the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror with its LED lights, defogger, and Bluetooth speaker—all at a fraction of the price of comparable options. Others have described it as a showstopper for their bathroom, adding a touch of pizzazz and elegance.

Comparisons to other smart mirrors in the market have only reinforced the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror’s value. Customers have cited its competitive pricing, superior functionality, and the added bonus of having a built-in speaker.


The Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror is the perfect addition to any bathroom. With its modern design, innovative features, and affordable price, it offers a luxurious experience without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your space or add a touch of convenience, this mirror has it all. Say goodbye to foggy mirrors and hello to a more enjoyable grooming routine. Consider the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror for your bathroom and elevate your everyday experience to new heights.

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Q: What are the dimensions of the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror?

The Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror has a description of its size and dimensions. It is important to consider the dimensions to ensure it fits perfectly in your bathroom.

Q: What are the benefits of the LED lights in the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror?

The LED lights in the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror provide several benefits. They offer bright and even illumination, making it easier to see yourself in the mirror. Additionally, LED lights are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs.

Q: How convenient is the Bluetooth speaker feature in the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror?

The Bluetooth speaker in the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror adds a great level of convenience. You can easily connect your devices and enjoy your favorite music or podcasts while getting ready in the bathroom.

Q: What is the anti-fog feature and how useful is it in a bathroom setting?

The Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror has an anti-fog feature that prevents fogging up even in a steamy bathroom environment. This ensures that you always have a clear reflection, making it extremely useful during and after hot showers.

Q: How easy is it to use the touch control panel on the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror?

The touch control panel on the Bonnlo Bluetooth Mirror is designed for easy and intuitive use. With a simple touch, you can control the lighting, volume, and other features of the mirror.

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